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Office of the President

Allison D. Garrett President

Taking Emporia State to New Heights

Under the leadership of President, Allison Garrett, ESU has been setting new records and achieving first-ever accomplishments.

Only Public Institution in KS Named a College of Distinction

3 x

Highest Retention Rate in Emporia State's School History


注册可领一元微信提现Most Enrolled Graduate Students in School History


Best Fundraising Year in Emporia State's History


Lowest Student Debt of All Public Universities in KS


注册可领一元微信提现Highest Career Outcomes Rate On Record (3-yr avg.)


注册可领一元微信提现Presidential Communications

Stay up-to-date on campus news and other communications

注册可领一元微信提现The President's Cabinet

注册可领一元微信提现Meet university leaders in the President's Cabinet

ESU Foundation

注册可领一元微信提现Since 1952 the foundation has been supporting the advancement of ESU.

Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

注册可领一元微信提现ESU's goal is to become a model for diversity, equity and inclusion

2015-2025 Strategic Plan

注册可领一元微信提现The Adaptive University, ESU's strategic plan

Campus Master Plan

ESU's campus improvement plan

Allison D. Garrett Biography

注册可领一元微信提现President Garrett began her tenure as Emporia State’s 17th president January, 2016. In that time, Emporia State has gained momentum in academic programming, diversity, equity and inclusion, fundraising and new building construction.

Since founded in 1863, 17 presidents have helped shape Emporia State University.

Past ESU Presidents